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"The impetus for this website has been to honour my mother, Fiona Bentley’s enormous talent and to make available her Poetry & Music Series. This was her last project, recorded in 1968, and has never been published before. It is a tremendous quality archive of now famous names, and far too good to remain on master reels in a trunk!

My intention is that by easily making Fiona's recordings available, new audiences may gain pleasure, as well as reigniting past pleasure for those who perhaps grew up with her Beatrix Potter musical dramatisations in the ’60’s, and now wish to pass them on to their grandchildren.

The rebranded Fiona Bentley Productions is not only looking back, but also to the future, open to new possibilities, continuing in Fiona’s spirit making impossible dreams come true!"


Joanna Shipp (daughter)

For press enquiries, interview requests, exhibition requests and all other enquiries please contact us at or use the form below. 

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